I am relatively new to the traditional world of Art and besides some smaller shows, I have chosen to get my art out into the world in unconventional fashions, mostly through commissioned work and through charities.

I have not attended any art school and therein lies my position as a relative outsider in the art world. Many great artists have attended and studied in art school. Some have not. I’m simply in the latter category.

My sense of colour and composition has been honed over four decades. A graphic designer and video producer by trade, I have produced unique imagery for a long time and the canvas work I do, simply represents another medium to express my creativity. Having worked in the video production world, along with my formal training in how the human body moves, gives me a 3-D perspective of imagery and how motion works.

Taylor works are noted for their canvas shape, unique texture and marriage of colour and this is obtained through a variety of textural and paint materials.

My entry into the world of canvas art started about 5 years ago and has progressed to the point where I have pieces on permanent display in such places as the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Calgary (“Dream Chasers”), McMahon Stadium in the offices of the Calgary Stampeders (“Gap Monster”), Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders (“Protection Call” and “Strongside”) and the world headquarters of CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology, a world organization found in 70 countries.
I also had a large water-themed piece (Abyss) that was on display at Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Waterkeepers Alliance Celebrity Gala in Banff.

I build my own canvasses, particularly the larger ones and am in constant evolution in regard to style. One thing remains consistent, though…

Colour is always THE THING.
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