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I have been married since 1997 and my wife was able to retire early from the energy sector. We have a house in central Calgary (Park Hill) as well as our place right on Pigeon Lake.
I have been working at various forms of creativity since I could pick up a pencil and brush. It�s only now, as I am surrounded by my middle years that I have really started to act in earnest on this engrained desire to create visual art. With any luck, what I create will move people and judging by the response I have gotten so far in this new venture, I�m on the right track.

I have traveled to over 30 countries and have seen both the penthouse and the outhouse in regard to my travelling style. If anything, experiencing other cultures has certainly given me a balanced perspective on life and I have learned to take nothing for granted, including our very generous western lifestyle.

I am a news junkie and like to look at all sides of a news story before passing judgment. (Cold War travel does that to a person). I also know my way around a kitchen and am not adverse to experimenting on friends and family, sometimes with spectacular results either way.

There are all sorts of personalities who take up Art as their passion and depending on the viewpoint, I'm both as quirky or boring as it gets.
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