I am relatively new to the traditional world of Art and besides some smaller shows, I have chosen to get my art out into the world in unconventional fashions, mostly through commissioned work and through charities.

I have not attended any art school and therein lies my position as a relative outsider in the art world. Many great artists have attended and studied in art school. Some have not. I�m simply in the latter category.

My sense of colour and composition has been honed over four decades. A graphic designer and video producer by trade, I have produced unique imagery for a long time and the canvas work I do, simply represents another medium to express my creativity. Having worked in the video production world, along with my formal training in how the human body moves, gives me a 3-D perspective of imagery and how motion works.

Taylor works are noted for their canvas shape, unique texture and marriage of colour and this is obtained through a variety of textural and paint materials.

My entry into the world of canvas art started about 5 years ago and has progressed to the point where I have pieces on permanent display in such places as the Olympic Speed Skating Oval in Calgary (�Dream Chasers�), McMahon Stadium in the offices of the Calgary Stampeders (�Gap Monster�), Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders (�Protection Call� and �Strongside�) and the world headquarters of CAWST, the Centre for Affordable Water & Sanitation Technology, a world organization found in 70 countries.
I also had a large water-themed piece (Abyss) that was on display at Robert F. Kennedy Jr�s Waterkeepers Alliance Celebrity Gala in Banff.

I build my own canvasses, particularly the larger ones and am in constant evolution in regard to style. One thing remains consistent, though�

Colour is always THE THING.
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